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I wrote about Keith Olbermanns' suspension by MSNBC last week. Well, it's happened again and this time the disciplinary ax has fallen on right of center host of the MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Joe Scarborough.

In my previous blog post I argued, since Mr Olbermann was not a 'NewsMan' and not expected to be evenhanded, he should not be held to the same standards as someone who is a serious journalist. And again I have to be clear here. With few exceptions the talent employed by MSNBC lack the requisite journalistic credibility to be subject to such inane ethical rules.

I like Joe Scarborough! I think he is one of the most moderate voices on TV and I attempt to watch him every morning. He at least allows me to choke back the rising bile that I feel when his co-host Mika Brzezinski takes the helm. But...and again here I am repeating myself...The entire show is based on opinion and conjecture.  With the exception of Maria Bartiromo and Mike Barnicle, everyone who sets foot on the Morning Joe set is an opinion maker and as such should be allowed to give to and support whomever they please.

MSNBC is trying to use the wrong yardstick to measure their talent. If they want to be a news organization then by God be a news organization and hire the right kind of people and program the right kind of topics. And by God hold them to a higher standard.

But if you want to broadcast opinion and entertainment, go all the way, hire Jerry Springer and set aside a couple hours in the evenings for wrestling and ultimate fighting.

But for crying out loud don't expect us to put with the rank hypocrisy that is your 'guidelines'!

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It came to light recently that MSNBC's opinionated commentator Keith Olbermann has been suspended because he gave donations to several Democratic campaigns. NBC/Universal had expressed a commitment by all of their news personnel to be held to a higher standard concerning the appearance of bias. This is truly a laudable commitment.  A commitment that I find to be laughable. Laughable, at least in regard to the 'talent' employed on MSNBC's afternoon lineup. MSNBC has long been considered the communications arm of the Progressive (liberal) wing of Democratic party. Even their latest company motto "Lean Forward" is a play on the phrase "Be Progressive".

Mr. Olbermann is not now and never could be confused with, what most of us, would consider to be a real journalist. In the same way that Glen Beck is nothing more than an shill for the radical right, Mr. Olbermann is the face of what many call the 'Progressive Evening News'. I use the word 'News' with my tongue planted firmly in cheek. Mr. Olbermann is an entertainer of the first order. Since his days supplying snarky comments as the co-anchor of ESPN's  SportsCenter  he has always been cerebral, and quite entertaining.

But a newsman? I must protest! Tom Brokaw is a news man! Walter Cronkite and Edward R Morrow were news men! Mr Olbermann is an opinionmaker. A propagandist.

So where am I going with this little tirade? My point is that since Mr Olbermann isn't a news man or a serious journalist, there is no reason for him to be chastised for giving money to an organization which he so publicly supports while in the employ of NBC. And furthermore Mr Olbermann should be returned to his 'Entertainment' show forthwith.

Free Keith Olbermann!
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I have set my RSS feed program to http://BoingBoing.com and ripped the knob off. One of the main reasons for that is the "big brained", assertive writing of Cory Doctorow.

Cory ...I assume familiarity because I agree with so many of his opinions... Cory, writes regular articles dealing with the assault on the freedom of information planned by the archaic pre-20th century publishing industry. He looks at the tactics and responses of these companies from an intelligent and pragmatic stance.

Treating the concept realistically; the main stream publishing industry is as out dated as the auto industry. They're both based on 17th century business models, Printing and Horsetrading, and are both fighting for their very lives to conserve their income model.

But here's the rub. When technology allows every Jo, Don, and Bob with a digital camera to hammer out a million frames of static images. Or anyone with a laptop computer or cellphone to publish original opinion and content directly to the web. Or any Musician with a home publishing company to end run all the middle men who have set themselves up as arbiters of what is good music. What is the point of a massive publishing industry?


So read Cory and listen to him.

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26 June 2010 @ 11:22 pm
I don't know why ...though... err...damn it!


25 June 2010 @ 12:19 pm

The Latest Webcams Episode!

June 25th, 2010 / Send feedback » / by Jim

It's here! The latest Webcams episode written by my good friend and YouTube denizen Jordan Krumbine. Jordan has surrounded himself with a core group of very creative and talented people who are only too happy to volunteer time to a weekly video series called Webcams.

I first met Jordan online almost 2 years ago, Since then I've had the privileged to be included in several collab efforts including 'Webcams' and 'Talking Heads'. The 'Talking Heads' series is the baseline for Jordan's image of a webseries. The videos, usually with re-occurring characters, explore the personnel interactions of a group of people who communicate in an online video chat. They explore wide ranging sometimes offensive topics usually with a humorous punchline.

The Talking Heads concept has re-surfaced in several incarnations. 'Webcams' amongst them, with the exception that the script is written for a generic talent pool. If you think you can supply a good read or song or even a script then the floor is wide open for you give it a try.  I gotta tell you if you intend to read for a Webcams episode you had better read the script in it's entirety and be secure in your own skin before signing on. You are not restricted to your own online persona either! Do it up! Create a character and have fun. That's what it's all about.

Jordan created a Ning network dedicated to his eventual takeover of all internet media. http://krumbination.ning.com allowed Krumbi-maniacs a place to interact and conspire on all things creative. But since Ning has decided to charge for the service that avenue has been moved to his regular website http://horbawrong.com.

Check it out and also check out these other representatives of the Krumbination!

Chris LeBrane


Jordan Krumbine

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18 June 2010 @ 11:02 pm

Wayward Hayward

Well, here we are a full 60 days into the "Mess in the Gulf". I just made up that catch phrase, on the fly...like it? I did that the same way that BP is directing the recovery effort. On the fly. Seat of their pants.

It is impossible for me to believe that the United States government is allowing BP to continue to oversee the mess that BP itself created. The fox in charge of the hen house. All of the information I have access to seems to indicate that BP is criminally liable for the disaster and subsequent damage. They should be placed into receivership forthwith and the handling of the recovery effort should be placed in more capable hands. Namely Exxon/Mobil, Sunoco, Shell or any of a number of other oil and gas exploration companies. These companies have no vested interest in the matter and won't be engaged in a constant process of ass covering with every single decision that they make.

Tony Hayward is a joke. He is a mealy mouthed fool who never should be allowed to run a gas station no less a major oil and gas company. His performance yesterday in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee helped to destroy any remaining credibility. To deny knowledge of operations and decision making process's surrounding the largest and most technologically challenging well ever drilled is unbelievable. I suspect that a case can be made for a charge of lying to Congress.

I don't expect for a CEO to have hands on control of low level day to day functions but I do expect him  to appoint qualified people to oversee the process. People with the ability to tell right from wrong. People who can step back and see the big picture. It is obvious that Mr. Hayward has seen fit to leave the same corner cutting cretins in place and has done nothing to excise the culture of corruption in that rotten organization.

Todays special numbers are 60, 1,000,000 and 760. 60 for the number of days that this gusher has spewed its poison and death into the gulf. 1 million for the the maximum number of gallons of oil RECOVERED per day thus far by BP. The rest is on the shores, in the waters and on in the decaying bodies of all of the dead sea life in the Gulf of Mexico. And 760 for the number of flagrant violations for which BP has been fined for in the past 3 years of service. All while it's piers have been charged with less than 30....collectively.

So sad

Definition of the word Flagrant

I like "rank treachery".

It seems to fit.




I first saw a reference to this in the crawl under Dylan Ratigan's MSNBC show. "Guam to Capsize". Eh?  Every time it became the next topic , it would disappear. So I assumed it was an MSNBC version of April Fools.

Not so! Watch this video and understand that the person speaking is an elected representative of the 5th District from Georgia. Hank Johnson has released a statement that attempts to show that he isn't a complete idiot. That he was trying to draw a metaphorical image of an island so packed with people that it 'could' capsize.

Yeah... I didn't see a wink.

Yea Hank! At least someone on your staff is on the ball.
01 March 2010 @ 10:01 am
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Frontline Episode Digital_Nation

When the news broke about Lower Merion School District's (LMSD) Big Brotheresque cyber-intrusions into the home lives of students and families, I immediately flashed on a segment of a recent Frontline episode called "Digital_Nation"which dealt with Intermediate School #339 in the Bronx,  a New York City school district. How this school had imposed a similar free/mandatory laptop program. The program was proclaimed to have saved the students and the school from ruin.

What disturbed me was the attitude of a certain administrator as he demonstrated the same technology that LMSD had used to monitor student activities. He seemed almost gleeful in his ability to remotely discipline and "channel" online activities of students, going as far as surreptitiously snapping photos of alleged offenders.He wielded this power like a cyber cattle prod. It was shocking and frightening at the same time.

In my opinion, the most egregious part was that there was no outrage at the practice. No how dare they impose a common Orwellian cliche?  No "This can't possibly be true"! No shame....

They failed to see and understand the truth behind their misuse of this fantastic new technology. They are so indoctrinated and inured to a surveillance society that they can't even respect the privacy rights of individuals in their own homes.

What is the difference between this technology and 'telescreens'? Not much if you ask me.

These are the rules regarding use of computers in the LMSD.

    * Possession of a monitored Macbook was required for classes

    * Possession of an unmonitored personal computer was forbidden and personal property would be confiscated

    * Disabling the camera is impossible or attempts to do so would be punishable by expulsion.

    * Jailbreaking (Taking root privilege of) a school laptop in order to secure it against electronic eavesdropping or to monitor against intrusion was an offense which merited expulsion

I'll leave you to ponder this one and the potential future of our society.
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19 February 2010 @ 04:57 pm